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Queen Elizabeth R.I.P

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 08/09/2022 - 19:11

Well Queenie's finally popped her clogs after a life time of service to the country, we shall not see the likes of her again, she was the glue that kept things bonded by and large! God bless you your majesty, but now you're on a different plain will you try and sort out V.A.R when you have the time...God willing xx
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II , 1926 to 2022

We will never see the likes of her again,dignified & loyal...the Royal family might as well jack it in now!!

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Incredibly sad, I'm 59 in a few days and she's the only Queen I've ever known like the majority of us. Learnt about her in primary school. The last solitary piece of importance this shit country stood for.

Now we are a country of social media fantasists, no wonder she threw the towel in.

RIP Your Majesty...

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

your majesty my perfect queen god bless the queen and god save the king

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