Real Fantasy Football???

No, no, no for once my tongue is nowhere near my cheek when I say regardez the Premier League!

Zut alors, WTF, we have a pattern and situation developing. After the first 4 weeks of games I was mentioning to boogerscaravan Jnr. That in the behind closed doors Charlie Rich world of the Prem. We have a training game mentality coming in.

This has to be to quote the Wealdstone Raider "you've got no fans" element. You have no atmosphere. You have no pressure from the angry mob on the ref. The angry mob are not telling Raheem Sterling he runs like a pansy, or telling Jack Grealish he looks like a girl when he takes a corner.

The result of this is we have some fun and games with the scores. It's been raining goals in the first 4 weeks. All kicking off with the the wheel nickers beating the oop North new boys 4-3. Yesterdays games were beyond comprehension. The championays letting in 7 and Manure shipping 6. Oh how we laughed!!

Indeed the mighty irons have now scored 7 and conceded 0 in the last 2 Premier League games. It now boils down to we'll score more than you.

Fantasy Football really is here and I for one am loving every minute of it right now...........

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It is not a unique situation to any one club, all teams are effected, some more than others. Moyes' boys have definitley 'turned it up' since the restart, the Bowl of Misery is a much nicer place for players when devoid of angry fans.

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Absolutely Nev. I think it's all bets are off and there are no certainties now. My own fantasy football team line up doesen't know if it's on it's head or it's arse. Having no atmosphere and fan rivalry would certainly seem to be helping us no end at present.

Remember when the experts said there will never be another Leicester? Well I think this season the only thing that seems possible is just that! Thing is who will be 2020/21's Leicester??

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Us hopefully!!!!! and we all get in to see them lift the trophy last game,Stratford will rocking.

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... is only an angry place because of the tripe served up as football in the past seasons. That stadium will bounce as soon as we have a decent team and at the moment we have a very decent 11... shame we are not there to appreciate it!

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I definitely agree with all that Dartford,you know my feelings of the whole situation,ive posted it many times.

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Hopefully we will be back soon Essex!

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