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Submitted by mcbikeman on Thu, 15/09/2016 - 09:31

anybody who saw that young boy Bradley lowery coming out of the tunnel for the sunderland game could not help but be moved...five years old and the lad has cancer those footballers running out next to him hopefully were humbled by the strength this lad showed to be out there with his team.....I am over 50yrs old and thankfully have had good health the luck of the draw as they say but the next time you bitch/moan about getting up for work or if your a footballer moaning about playing 5 times in 18 days well spare a thought for this child and others like him who would love to have problems like that if of course you can call work and getting paid well to kick a football work!

Thought it was a very nice gesture from Everton to add £200k to his treatment fund so he could reach his necessary £700k

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Pretty sure all clubs get that. Quite a significant difference. New owners to the Prem at Goodison though. Maybe that's the difference. Trying to start life in the Prem on the right foot

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Ripper Street tonight

Long time since I have commented as I have moved from London. did go to the Watford game.
Tonight's programme features a Iron Work's football team probably be called West Millwall

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