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Romford Radiation

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Thu, 26/01/2023 - 09:07

Hammers65 coined the phrase now like many a conspiracy ancient aliens theorists does it exist? is it a real thing? lets look at the evidence.perfectly healthy physically strong athletes come into contact with the alledged phenomena suffer debilitating illness/injury that can last for 3/4 weeks or 6 months plus and even after recovery there is seemingly no immunity to it and it can return at any point only moving away can seemingly restore the person to full health! but what does seem strange is the ordinary man/woman(nope not going there with the rest of that shite)in the same area seem totally immune to its affect what is going on?one theory is if you do not earn in excess of £100 thousand+ a week you never in danger of being struck down by this mysterious phenomenon.....if you have any stories about this please send to Mulder&Scully research inc.

Back in the day Mac & Dagenham was always called Bounty country!! Rush Green is on the way to Daggers so I reckon there's something in the air!! ;)

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Ive always known Romford as the Land of the Living,started my days in Chadwell Heath,but where ever ive been and looked about,i have always found the women in Romford more attractive,something about that place for me,if there is a spell or some kind entity around there,im still under it.

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She lived over Shepherds Hill way and ohhh what a beauty she was even now i can see her in my minds eye with that lovely smile and an infectious zest for life that took her away to lands far and wide.She was my girl for a whole year before the war took me away and i never saw her again but yes i will never forget my girl from Romford

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