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Scams not the man

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sun, 12/03/2023 - 18:05

If anyone wanted proof that Moyes does not see Scamacca as part of the West Ham team only has to look at the last two games.....playing a cypriot side that would struggle in the national league a chance for Scamm to get some minutes in but nope Antonio played he scored twice came off injured so Scam got a few forward to today against Villa Ings not involved in the game Antonio not available because of injury Moyes can't take Benni off he knows that as much as he'd like to so low and behold Ings off and Cornet on a man coming back from the longest calf injury in history who has played as attacking Wingback or winger well not today today he was put in upfront and with Scamacca on the bench and seemingly stuck there you now no Moyes wants shot of the player and if the tea ladies fit she will get on against the cypriots ahead of Scam.....Criminal Moyes IMO....if you have had a spat with the man grow up stop sulking and give him a chance but no another unpolished gem Moyes treats like a turd will be gone........His man management skills are no existent

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Scamacca and Moyes had words at the ground, we couldn't hear them, but when Dino put cornet on instead of the Tattoed one I think Scamacca said something on the lines of "Ba fungal!" Google it!

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Disgraceful decision by Moyes and he should be fired out of a cannon, out of London for it. Cornet FFS. I honestly believe there is not a football fan, player or manager throughout Europe that would understand what Moyes is doing. Inept c__t!

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