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shielding the ball

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/01/2018 - 06:05

if we keep the ball from spurs, they cant score. I propose the 'tortoise manouvre'. the players lay over the ball, as if doing a pressup, and slowly move up the field using hands and feet. you first heard it here, its the future.

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Great idea,being an owner of a tortoise myself,they will love it under the hot lights tonight,the only thing they may love it a little too much and start getting complacent and start dossing off,so the plan is to wave some kale at em in the opposition goal, that will get them motivated again,just hope we get the rub of the green.

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We're their boggy team of late they wont enjoy this encounter ,Elbows is the key with Carroll taking 3 defender's every where he goes in the box ,and Lanz pushing up we can split them in two ,im quietly confedend so much so i had a tenner on them at 11/1 .only problem is Deano is the ref he's bound to give them a penalty

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Burkie 1

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Music to our ears....having a pop at my brother the spud fan who was giving it large about how negative and ultra defensive we were i simply pointed out to him that if the spuds were as good as they like to think they are then surely there so called superstar players are good enough to beat an injury ravaged team such as ours lol....apparently though they had to travel back from swansea in the rain the poor dears so were much more tired than our players....i had no idea that swansea were in a different timezone to us and that the players drove there in there own cars lol...i love the shit these fans come out with....

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Tactical genius idea dicksy, hope Sullivan doesn't read this as you might be getting a call in May. He likes anything that doesn't require getting in the right players in for the job.

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