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So F*****G Annoying

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Fri, 16/09/2022 - 06:51

Peterboro Peterboro Ivan Toney was at Peterboro in league 1 and i was banging on about getting him in but no he's not good enough they said and then in championship banging in goals nooo not good enough then we were offered him for £6/7 million nooo we are looking at better players...Brentford roll up oh yes he is a very very good player buy him and now he is in the England squad FFS i do despair at times at what scouts and managers see that we dont when it was blatantly obvious to me that Toney was going to be a big hit.....Cant wait for the stories to come out oh yeah we looked at him but at the time had a two footed donkey who couldn't hit a barn door from two yards out and we decided to stick with him.

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I'm with you Bikey, said it for 2 or more seasons. Toney is shit hot, I also said the same about Watkins when we dithered about. I'm just an old git who just about finds his own arse with both hands and a funnel. So what does that say for the Dildos and Lady Buttplug??

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When i was visiting my family and youngman that he was you could see he was head and shoulders above all players at that level even then it is good to see he has matured into a fine player just a shame it is not with us.

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