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Sonny Perkins---Freddie Sears

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sat, 02/07/2022 - 08:33

Never saw enough of this Lad to see how good he is but listening and reading to reports the club are fuming he did not sign a deal offered to him and claims he has been tapped up by at least one premier league club.

Not sure how true that is but if he was/is as talented as being touted why wait and no doubt low ball a contract for him to sign and fully expecting him to do so.....This young man has an agent agents at any level play the game and whilst i agree the club should not let itself be held to ransom by any player of any age like it or not you have to pay the going rate for a talent at the level he is right now.

Good luck to him i say if he could not see himself making it into a Moyes squad but other clubs letting you know they value you more at his age his head will be turned.This is all part of football...Clubs let players go all the time thinking they wont make the grade so why moan when a youngster wants to move on...The club will get money for him but expecting a player to hang around on the off chance of being given a go is nonsense.

Has he made a mistake? who knows a fleeting flirt with the first team not enough to convince him he would get a chance from the bench...young Freddie Sears scoring on his debut for us against Blackburn Rovers was really the last time i rmbr a kid coming through the ranks to the first team but it was clear his talent always suited to championship and lower leagues and so that is what happened to him and there is no shame in that at all.

Tony Cottee saw his debut and really he is the only striker i can think of who came through the youth and made the grade at West Ham so Sonny Perkins in a very different world to the one Cottee was in has made a decision but the reaction from the club is an overreaction because they clearly thought ohh he will just sign what we put in front of him....Ignorant and amateurish.....who decides the contracts at youth level i am not sure and again i have not seen enough of the player to make a judgement but Cullen let go Coventry? jury still out Holland was let go so why all the bitching about this Lad because he decided he would not sign a contract.

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Yes it is frustrating that a kid who has been at the Academy from such a young age has decided he will leave but how many like you say do the club clubs throughout the leagues let go without a second thought.

Will this young man have a career at the top or maybe in the lower leagues it is something we will have to wait and see.

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Perkins will provably do the same!!could have nailed on the right back position all of a sudden announces he's not signing a contract fecks off to Watford never to be seen again!! They say modern day footballers are not the brightest & it shows!

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poison the players minds shame but a fact

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Its rather odd that other clubs seem to rate him yet we weren't prepared to meet his agents demands. I wish the lad well but fear its another Grady Diangana

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Another one gone...thought he looked promising but nope he's joined Sunderland on 3 year deal

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