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Striker or winger?

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Fri, 16/09/2022 - 06:43

The great Brian Clough once told Gary Birtles i pay you to score Bloody goals not defend get in the middle and stay there......Moyes appears to like leaving the middle of the box empty and his striker to play wide or deep Ants does it and now i notice Scamacca is doing it.....the one time he was in the right position he scored a cracker but mostly he was drifting wide...Football is not complicated unless you make it so.....the width of the penalty area is for me the widest a striker should go.....we have players who give us width naturally but what is the point of crossing into an empty watch this weekend be it Ants or Scamacca when we get the ball wide nobody will be in the middle for the cross because either one will be the bloody wide player.....this cannot be happening by accident because it happens every game....and it annoys me a helllluva lot!

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I'm fuming. Halller took a lot of stick from West Ham fans, not least on this site also. Unfairly in my opinion because I blamed the lack of service and the expectancy of tactics alien to his game. I'm seeing the same thing happening with Scamacca. I'm not a huge fan of Bowen out wide (f**k knows how he got in the England squad) much preferring Antonio down the right as the guy is capable of pinging in a decent cross and is also more aware of other players who may be in a better position.
Cresswell is not getting down the left as much as he used to and tbh has not really gelled with Benrahma as much as he did with Masuaku although that Left side looks like being solved withthe inclusion of Cornet. All of this is useless of course if Scamacca is stuck in midfield doing defensive or wide duties which he should NOT be doing.
Moyes will always love his ten outfield little Duracell bunnies, and yes, we need a work ethic from the whole team but we shouldn't need eleven of them at the expense of doing what a player does best.And if that means Scamacca hanging around goal as a "lazy" player aka Haller, then so be it.

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Regarding Strikers is baffling,but you can never compare Scam with Haller! The bloke wants to play for Westham,Haller didnt

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