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'Tis onwards with a slight curvature.....hopefully north

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Submitted by darrenharry on Tue, 02/06/2015 - 15:08

Well the winds of June (no me neither?) sweep around the country like an angry Scotsman looking for his last tinny (ghost of Charles? too soon?).
A lot has happened.
We limped over the line like a sodden sanitary towel, stinking the place out (like get the picture) and then the huge mouthed one announced he's taken the decision for everyone.....cue muffled sniggers among the media.
The Dave's let it go (Frozen) and played along.
Everyone had reached a natural end. It was beautiful, everyone hugged and french kissed.
Surprisingly easy and amicable.
The last time I'd seen a peaceful resolution like this was when Chamberlain held aloft a piece of paper signed by the peace activist Hitler.
The .org and many other sites have since had virtual scuffles. Those who are right and wrong and those that seek the Trevor Brooking fence. Its new territory for football with social media and virtual voice. The problem with opinions is that everyone has one. Even Betty and DITM ;-)
But this is the fun of the fair. Its a game they say (no it bleedin aint say others).
We now have the no mans land world of manager and player speculation. I've read everyone from Dick Emery (Sevilla manager?) to the Wolf from Pulp Fiction have been "sounded out".
And aren't there a lot of "intermediaries" around these days. I need one of them "your people talk to my people". If my people like it they may tell me. I'll then call my other people and see if those people think these people are good people........
No wonder Sully's face looks like an 90 year old ballsac these days. He must be talking to faceless voices 23 hours a day.
So we all cross fingers and hope that the next photo shoot of the man holding the scarf aloft has some credibility, hoping upon hope there's some fire and passion, creativity and desire to re-engage with the fans, join the club from top to bottom, encourage youngsters, build momentum and stress the importance of the last season at UP.
Make it 19 cup finals, or 2,485 if you include the Europa League (I'm not going there, my brain cant cope with that yet. That said if we get a Dutch side I'm gonna retrieve my ping pong balls from the loft).
Or it may be Schteeve McClaren. Or Alex MCleish (he's still alive isn't he?)
I always look to the future (but wary we should learn from the past) so Allerdice will be retired from my thoughts. I'll get behind the next man (or woman? there's a curveball) as much as everyone else.
Have a nice summer ya'll.

Hopefully we will know by the weekend after Dick Emery has been and gone the others complete their merry-go-round and possibly Bilic is the only one left standing saying "I'll take the job Mr Sullivan". His my bet anyway :-)

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one word "Arsenal " that's the type of football i want to see , i could watch them all day , dont care if they do make mince meat out of other sides i.e Villa or if they get beat by three goals to me their what football should be , a mix of skill , ability , and down right magic , i know , i know im in for a lot of verbal and i dont care, thats my opinion dicksy

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