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West Ham contract negotiations

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sat, 03/07/2021 - 09:05

Just how do the board do this and keep straight faces when putting offers on the table for players is a farce...we all have heard that Decs turned down two offers but rumour has it if he is made the highest earner at the club he will sign...of course it means nothing all that gets you is more money when he its coming out that Coufal contract talks have started and he feels let down as to the offer he has been given.......i tell you our club has no idea and i mean NO idea what they are doing,of course it is called a negotiation for a reason and the players agent will get the best possible deal for there man but when you have players who are clearly very very talented footballers like it or not you have to pay them what they are many times have we given out dumb 4 year contracts on injury prone bang average players? to many thats the FFS when you have genuine talent stop messing about make them decent offers because unless you do why would other players want to join a club seen as tight arses when it comes to handing out contracts to top players.

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I know this is about Rice But how on Earth does Yarmo get £115.000 what does that make Rice worth -it has to be£180.000 per week and remember how many games Yarmo played- 5 top wack Declan must have played 35 cant wonder him wanting to be top earner but what worries me is what we are going to pay our top striker especially if he's on loan. IMO we have Pelligrini and co to thank for this massive differential Hernandez is another one £130.000 per week don't know what Haller and Anderson were on but I bet it was Top Dollar. I've read that Rice wants £200 thousand a week but to me, that's a lot of money that will affect all WHU players so Moyes and the board have to be very careful this season but then again I trust Moyes to get the best deals for the club and not the board I think this was the reason that he did not sign his new contract straight away to give him a bit of clout against G&S and to show them who is in the driving seat.

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They will have to pay him it if they want to keep him! Its the modern game & the dildos either dine at the top table or go back to flogging hustler out of an old suitcase!!

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Who happens to be his old man, just also happens to be a Chelsea fan. It's not about money. He's rocking the boat for a move.

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