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The west ham experience

Submitted by tilson28 on Sat, 26/10/2019 - 20:44

Hi guys and girls , im a long time west ham fan had a season ticket for a few years when i lived in london , im finally heading over to see the mighty hammers against newcastle at the london stadium with my 11 year old son , would be great with some advice for the ultimate west ham experience !! child friendly pubs etc

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First of all, get the overground to hackney wick, avoid stratford main terminal like the plague, it is a shorter walk to the stadium. Secondly there are good craft ale pubs en route and a couple of good floating bars on the canal. As you would expect food and drink inside the stadium are expensive, but none more so than you would expect at any major sporting event. Stewards are very vigilant at the 'search' points before entering the London Stadium ground, including the removal of plastic bottle tops off of soft drinks bottles! Apart from that there is the legendary ribman selling his wares but be prepared to queue!
Allow a bit of time if you can, because once you have made the effort to get there you may as well enjoy the 'whole' experience. Be lucky- Ed

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we are staying at a hotel next to the ground , is there a west ham shop at the ground ?

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