West ham fans get a Ban

After the way, Rapid Win supporters were last Thurs throwing bottles carrying offensive weapons throwing water bottles and coins at us and when the fans retaliate they get a ban. I bet Eufa do nothing- about this but the boy who threw the water dispenser back will probably get a 3-year ban so what are we supposed to do? Just take it without giving no retaliation back. This is the begining of europe our 1st home fixture so what happens next

Trying to get a name for themselves! They will badly get unstuck imo if they have a go at the westham faithfull over there

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40 years ago I would have agreed with that 65. Not sure now. As seen last night, eastern Europe still has a thriving hooligan sector. The shock of last night was the cowardly response from the police, clearly this was not a bunch of women at a peaceful London vigil that could be easily beaten up!

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Austrian football has long been associated with neo nazis ,desperate shower of c**ts

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