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What do the following all have in common?

Submitted by Red Neck Iron on Sun, 13/08/2017 - 21:02

Read into it what you will but what do the following all have in common? Cresswell, tore, noble, snodgrass, ayew, feghouli, zaza, fonte, nortveldt and calleri.

Ok, ok not really a proper question, but all those players have suffered a severe lack of form since being involved around shaven bilic. How unlucky can one manager be? I'm sure there can be arguments made for some if not all of those players, seems a long list to consider as coincidence.

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Ruined for life! BTW, you can probably add Hart to that list. Jury is out on Chicharito and Arnautovic, but neither one scored yesterday. Hoping we sign Carvalho and maybe, just maybe it makes a difference. If not, Slav has got to go, and FAST.

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Lets not forget, Jenkinson, song, Kouyate, Adrian, Enner. Fell out with and shipped out Amalfitano(who was quality) Fell out with Sakho and tried shipping him out. How about Victor Moses to.

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