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What is going on at our club

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Submitted by albyforeverirons. on Sun, 28/01/2018 - 06:43

So far this transfer window we have been linked with a host of players and so far we have one turn up. The thing that amazes me is that we have been linked with a number of players going out so let's look at them.
Carroll to Chelsea, out injured for the rest of the season. Wanted to go.
Lanzini to Pool, out for possibly 6 weeks.
Arno linked to Chelsea out for 4 weeks.
Sakho linked to everyone out injured. Definately wants out.
Ayew linked to Swansea out injured. Would rather go to France but wants out.
Masuaku linked to go back to Italy going to be suspended for possibly 6 weeks.
Hernandez wants out, not injured yet but doesn't seem to give a shit.
Antonio wanted by Fat Sam injured.
Fonte wanted by Wolves injured.
Is it just me or are we doing something wrong with the way we handle our players. It's simple if they want out get fuxxing rid of them and recruit players that want to come here even if we lose a bit of money, why have players that don't give a shit and play like it doesn't matter. Apparently we where offered 14 mill for Ayew, 10 mill for Sakho and if we can get our money back for Hernandez that's 40 mill to spend and after last night if we are offered anything over 15 mill for Masuaku I would take it plus the rumoured 20 mill that Moyes was promised for this transfer window surely we could get some decent players for that amount but why wait till the end of the window to make a decision. It's got me stuffed but I can't see things getting any better unless the owners pull their finger out in the next three days.

I hate to say it but maybe the Drisccolls have came to terms with us goin south thats why their stalling all their talk of joining the big boys was horse manua ,they havent got the balls ,any talk of transfers over 20 million frightens the crap out of them theyed rather stay in the realms of the 10 -20 mill bracket ,im thinking very seriously about goin back to Maidstone

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Since they came hear SUGO have gone for the full amount of loan signings in each window plus cheapies or players who were once good and now struggling. A recipe for a relegation battle not top six!!!! The loan signings are basically sent back at the end of the season and we carry the lame and injured cheapie's we bought because that's why they came they were cheap and very injury prone.
Sullivan as the biggest stake holder has final say on players not the managers and Bradey says what the wages will be or not and again if they are not going to be cheap to keep she says no and we do not sign.
That is why we are near the bottom three teams and could actually be relegated this time round. It is still going to be very tight come the middle of May with a game to go and about 6 or 7 of us in the mix imo.

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A D Bonds

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When nobes said at the farewell this club ain't run like a circus anymore,what he really meant to say was them 3 clowns over there,are gonna rinse this club.

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Ive got a funny feelin an awful lot of our injurys are goin to be sorted by Teusday and we'll sweep Palace aside ,we're lucky we arnt up before an FA committee for throwing matches after that performance Saturday i heard there was hell to pay in the dressing room afterwards Moyes told them they made it look to obvious and there would be hell to pay if dicksy gets a whiff. Of it cos he start blowing that massive trumpet

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