Who ate all the pies?

In England football is divided between the "haves" and the have yachts. Similarly here in South Africa we have a couple of "big monied" clubs while the rest survive on the proverbial shoestring. Cape Town City are a club that fall into the latter category, but over the last couple of seasons they have been punching above their weight, winning two domestic cups and flying high in the league.
Cape Town are managed by... You know him, you love him... He's our very own Benniiii McCarthy. Yay!
I say "are" that should be "were" because Benni and the board have recently parted company, citing "professional differences" . I believe Benni wanted to take the club to the next level, the board also wanted that but without spending any money. Benni is believed to have had a great rapport with his players and everyone loved the style of football they were playing.
I have seen him interviewed on TV and he speaks fondly of his days at West Ham so maybe our search for Pelegrini's replacement is over.
DON'T shoot the messenger

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I believe Benni's idea of taking the club to the next level is making his players install the Just Eat App.........

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