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A Whole new world

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Fri, 05/08/2022 - 07:51

Fab/Coufal/Zouma/Oggy...or Dawson/Cressy/Rice/Soucek/Bowen/Fornals/Lanzini/Antonio

Gosh after all the summer transfer nonsense it looks like we will start with the same old West Ham side as last season good to see a traditionalist like Moyes fighting the waves of change.

Seriously though Scamacca not matchfit Cornet if passes his medical before 12pm today he would be available for the citeh game but we all know Moyes doesn't do that he likes to bed players in slowly...Downes bench at best Aguerd injured.

Citeh/Forest/Brighton/Villa/Spuds/Chelski....and throw in Viborg in the Conference league playoff inbetween......

Moyes may get away with Citeh match because as it stands i cannot see us getting anything other than a proper spanking in that game(i hope to be proved wrong bigtime)and he may just get away with that one but against Forest he most definetly will not and he will be judged Harshly if we lose.

Seasons not started and a doom and gloom scenario awaits ffs give our boys a chance Bikey you say and i do and i so want them to do well but can anyone look me straight in the eye and say you have not had the same thoughts?.

Our squad even with Aguerd/Downes/Scamacca/Cornet needs more we all know it and if we do get stuffed Sunday and following week against Forest we lose you can bet your bottom dollar Alarm bells will be ringing in the boardroom and signings whether moyes approves or not will be made and you see then just how quick deals can be done and if Moyes does not like it then mr toasty is waiting in the wings to take charge.

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But we all know there is nothing as a supporter we can do about things other than voice our opinions in a constructive way not an abusive way from the terraces or nowadays on the many forums that football clubs fans have.I too am a little concerned especially with the opening months matches.As a club we are not in a position to expect to get points from any game unless hard fought for we are not like a Man City or Liverpool who can win matches on half a tank we have to be at our best every game and because of that our players get tired and injured more often than the top clubs.Hopefully this sunday we may grab a draw we shall have to wait and see but regardless of that we need to hold our heads high and as you young ones like saying West Ham are massive everywhere we go.

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Best time to play citeh is first game imo!! If my main man signs today get him straight in there! Him & Bowen on the left will be something else,mark my words

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