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World Athletics 2022?

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Submitted by asheshammer on Thu, 07/09/2017 - 08:57
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according to the article i just read but this is just another pitfall of not owning your own stadium....and also all those people who are going on monday to the game and hold up banners with sack the board etc etc can i just make the point that the only protest any people who own football clubs would really worry about is if the crowd just does not turn empty stadium or one that is clearly nowhere near capacity would resonate more in the boardrooms because of lack of income...hit them in the pocket do not purchase anything from club shop do not attend then they will sit up and take notice...look at the gooners who want shot of wenger all those banners etc but still a full stadium so why would people take notice?

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I'm thinking back to last season, when slav was happy that the players,could have a training session at the OS, before the chelski cup game, when he found out that he could do it without having to ask anyone for permission,i thought then what a sad state of affairs we've now become

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This is not our home. This is just the "amusement park" of Golds & Brady. Another grip for the ass for us fans

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By admitting that the cost to them is too high and they got it completely wrong, so in future all athletics meetings will be held elsewhere. We are paying for this and it's completely wrong so they have to admit it and provide an alternative more cost effective solution. The goverment did the same with what now is called the O2, so they need to do it now with the London Stadium.

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