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the worlds gone mad

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Submitted by hammergirl on Fri, 21/07/2017 - 18:46

if you dont live in london or the south you probably will not of heard this story but when you do you will just shake your head and want to walk up to the person who made the decision and slap them with a large fish....the story well a person was handed a £150 fine for selling lemonade to there neighbours and so the council issued the fine as they do not have a licence fair enough you say but then you find out it was a 5 year old girl!! thats right a child...clearly this is a priority for councils as they dont want an outbreak of 5 year olds going on to sell the hard stuff you no like cherryade and cream soda....and it took four of them to terrorise the poor kid. tower hamlets council surprise surprise.

What about that thing on tele the other day that said you weren't allowed to address the public as ladies and gentlemen due to it being offensive to transgender? Was it on the railways? Transgender or not fact remains there are still only 2 sexes on this planet!

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