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Yarmo .

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Submitted by Burkie1 on Sun, 13/06/2021 - 23:20

Scored some great goals for us,captain of a national team ,scored what will roberbly be goal of the Euro's, tell me again why is he surplus to west ham requirements

Didn't look anything like that last night bike ,in fact i wooda given him motm for that goal alone ,ill never forget that goal he scored against utd ,when he ran up into the stand to embrace ---- cant think now ,i think hes class and 115 isnt a whole lot these days ,his only position is coming inside from the right and letting one go with the left foot ,Moyes tried to make a C F out of him ,i would hang onto him if it was my choice ,the general as well ,dont keep wineing about high wages

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See how he goes in the next couple of games. It's not like he hasn't scored those goals for us in the past but at club football injuries have a bigger impact. Look at Rice. Injured in his last game for England. Misses key end of season games for us but is fit when England come around again. Win win for England, Europa League for West Ham.

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An inflexible manager who uses a screwdriver as a chisel. We know it won't work as well as the guy who uses a screwdriver to undo screws.

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