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Youngsters, What next!!

Submitted by Gravs on Tue, 10/01/2023 - 18:46

Nevers, Chesters and Oko-Flex come back from their respective loans, Perkins Left for Leeds, Ashby wants out and the club is looking at either accepting a nominal fee, with the players agent touting him to Newcastle and Leeds.
Same agency that represents Eddie Howe, and is Marc Warburton's daughter. We've created our own players in the past, but since the 2000's loads of younger players have left, some went on to stardom a lot didn't, we've had Oxford, Ngakia, Boatey, Corbett, Samuelson, Haksabanovic, Cullen, Burke and Alese to name a few, all mentioned as future talents.
Only this past season, Baptiste was a name who great things were expected of, alongside Longelo, Odubeko so prolific for Manchester United Reserve side, and now Ekwah Elimby a signing from Chelsea a couple of seasons ago, who is now set to leave for a pittance, yet our Club has been called ' The (Supposed) Academy of Football' then why are there so many who don't make it??

very difficult to judge which youngster is going to make the grade as all players in any sport mature at different times west ham are not alone as the prem and champs league are littered with players who were released by their parent club and go on to make it at a later date with another, take Declan for instance he was rejected by chelsea !!

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When rejected by Chelsea. Hardly an age where it can be determined whether they're good enough for the Premier League. And even then, he wasn't all that for us in the Premier League as a CB, he was awful. Only circumstances happened that pushed him forward to defensive midfield were a fortune that was hiding.

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Just read a comment on Facebook about Ashby, on a post, could be untrue but somebody said that he's heard from Ashby's father that he doesn't want to stay because he's being bullied by Moyes, whether or not it's true, however earlier in the season I listened to Moore Than Just A Podcast and it was mentioned that Benrahma is singled out, also Ben Johnson.
Anyone remember the Allardyce era with the reoccurring groin issues we had with Ravel Morrison, some said that this was the sort of injury that could be invisible to scans and therefore no time limit could be given as to when it would heal, others say it was a ploy just to miss games, I don't doubt Ashby's professionalism, however if it is an excuse, then obviously there's an issue and a reason why he's unhappy.

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The perfect match to give some of the youngsters a start and show what they are about but no Moyes played the first team...we all know he basically run the same players into the ground all season and thats one of the reasons we died on our feet at the end of the season.........nobody is asking for a whole team of u23's to be put out but my Goodness when are they going to be given a chance.....that Day i am sure focused many of there minds into thinking i have to get out of here as i will never be given a chance.

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