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Your claim to fame!!

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Submitted by boogerscaravan on Sun, 09/10/2016 - 16:03

Ok since we are having the International break bollarks. I thought we could have something else to get our teeth into so to speak... My claim to fame is as follows also very topical of the moment. Now, not a lot of people know this but. Gareth Southgates Mum used to help teach my daughter for Maths on the thick table. She was a teaching assistant who helped out the ones who just couldn't grasp it so to speak. My daughter is nearly 30 now and doing well. Thankyou Mrs Southgate......

I was on the word a couple of times. Only in the audience but I was THAT CLOSE to Dani Behr.....mmmmm lovely. Saw me on the tv too. Closest I got to fame

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This sounds like a bit from 'Would I lie to you' but... in 1976 at Andover's Sports Centre, I played guitar on stage, with Ted Rogers singing Can't Buy Me Love. I once played guitar with two of The Troggs at Thruxton Circuit's Murray's Bar. I also played in a backing band to Bert Weedon at Andover's Country Bumpkin. Finally... My 2nd cousin is/was the 1976 RAC World Rally Champion Roger Clark. How bizarre.

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My claim to fame was at an autograph show at the MK Dons stadium 2 - 3 yrs back, all but 2 from the 1980 cup final team was there ( the website said Saturday only ) I could only make the Sunday, Jonah Lomu was there so I got his book that I brought in NZ that year for him to sign.. As I got to the stadium car park, this geezer walks out in front of me and I nearly knocked him over. I was about to tell him what a naughty bloke he was by not paying attention when I realised it was Bonzo..He said sorry to me ( his fault ) and I put my thumb up to him with a smile. Thinking whats he doing here, I found out the 1980 team was there BOTH days, ( didn't think about my cup final programme as I thought they were there only the one day ).. Later when I got to the table with the team Bonzo recognised me and said I was the guy in the car that I walked in front of...he apologised again and signed a team photo and posed for a photo with me....God help me if I had killed the legend...

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Had my house picked for a film,"MAD COWS" starring Joanna Lumley & Anna Friel,shite film,but the grand come in handy,my dad got excited as he was a Purdey and sapphire & Steel fan lol! what a lovely women Joanna is,mingled with the family like she'd known us all her life,also my brother inlaw marc,who is a Jiu-Jitsu instructor was taught by the Brazilian Gracie family,ive been in Royce Gracie company a few times when he came over.

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I used to manage a newsagent in Wanstead, Wanstead Squash Club (owned by the Cearns Clan) The players used to go for a game of squash at the club before getting the team coach outside The George Pub (opposite Wanstead Tube Station) but before boarding the coach they came in and bought soft drinks before the journey (matches ooop North) Frank McAvennie, TC, Wardy the lot came in my eldest was in his element and goodness knows how often he got his football signed.

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Around 30 letters published in Irelands bigest selling news paper ,the sunday independent, including 4 letter of the week for a prize of 3 bottles of whiskey

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I met and shook hands with Pele when walking into the Excelsior Hotel in Rome during the 1990 World Cup, I was enroute to meet some reps for tickets and he walked out of the hotel as we walked in! Gutted that technology was crap back then as oh to get a picture on a mobile phone! At the same trip I managed to dig a pen into Bobby Charltons arm on the pitch after the veterans game, I was trying to get his autograph for someone very close to me and as I got to him Zico walked past, and I turned my attention and didn't realise my pen had gone through his shirt! True story and incredible game to be at with Altobelli, Rossi, Brady, Boniek, Ruminegge and many other superstars playing. £10 entrance and I think it was 10-6 in the end of a Veterans European v South Americans game at the Flamini Stadium. Did I ever mention my 25 yard strike at Upton Park?

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