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Ripper Street 19 Sept 2016

Submitted by REVUpminster on Tue, 20/09/2016 - 14:16

Ripper Street featured The Thames Ironworks, a liberty being taken with it's location in Whitechapel, but it featured a football match which even Billy bonds would have struggled with tackles and head butts. The star Ironworks striker head butted by his fellow striker. Ironworks footballers who were supposed to be tee-total.
The star striker tapped up by Woolwich Arsenal and murdered.

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Watched it and noticed the score board even in the distance I am sure I made out Thames Ironworks.... crikey we get everywhere.... Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Ripper Street we even had a mention on Law and Order UK!

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Yeah steve I saw that last night on the factory scoreboard,with the London league above that,they done a bit of home work the researchers

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We actually won the game. I have forgotten what a win looks like and then they murder our star player.Would you Adam and Eve it?

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Brilliant, they even played in blue and the top striker was being hunted (with a bung) by Woolwich Arsenal... some things never change!

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I long to read a measured and balanced match report from you, unless your not present at the OS?

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