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Reece Oxford back

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Submitted by cast iron on Sat, 30/09/2017 - 13:30

Good to see Reece come back from Bayern Munchen Gladbach must have been difficult for him out there, got to learn the language, away from his teammates, and doesn't even get a game. I think he's done well sticking it out for this long, he's got to be much better off playing on loan over here, and should be playing In the Championship or Div1, I think he will be snapped up. One thing for sure he needs competitive football and I just hope his confidence has not damaged by not playing in Germany, I think this was a bad move putting him out there in the first place

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i thought he had another 3 months and then come back just before christmas...still it was a strange move like you say championship footy be a lot better for him

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Nope Mac it was a years loan. Much better he sits on a championship bench like he did at reading! What on earth has happened to the boy. Something's not right he can't get much of a run out at any club he is at! This stinks of a bad attitude to me. Reading West Ham and gladbach can't all be wrong! The boy could be on the edge of a failed career unless something changes. I say loan him to Colchester. If he can't get a regular games at that level he is in serious trouble. Billy big bollocks I expect. Borrussia let in six last week yet he still wasn't considered worth of a game for them.

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The issue is with the places weve loaned him to to be honest and the fact he keeps getting injured. Went on a 6 month loan to reading, but reading already had 5-6 players who could play CB on there books, it was just they a few were injured. Gladbach, again have multiple options already t center back ahead of Oxford. We should send him to bradford or play him

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A lot more to it behind the scenes at the club in the first place that us mere mortals will never be privileged to unfortunately....

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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