Yarmo Be There

Andriy Yarmolenko is one of West Ham United's highest paid players, but with the exception of some brief glimpses has never really shone for the club, untimely injuries have limited the player to only 24 appearances for the Irons since his £17.5 Million transfer from Borussia Dortmund two years ago.

Yarmolenko's massive £115,000 per week, in addition to the initial hefty transfer fee has not represented good value for the club by any stretch of the imagination, in fact there are many who think acquiring the Ukranian International was an appalling bit of business given the player's past injury record, and has many people asking why do West Ham United keep signing 'expensive crocks'?

Well, now is the time for everyone involved with the club to step up to the plate, including Andriy! It is about time he repaid the faith that has been shown in him and proves what a good player he can be.

It is quite astonishing to see a squad as expensively assembled as West Ham's fighting a relegation battle, but a relegation battle is exactly where the club finds itself, and it is about time some of the club's 'luxurious' imports prove their worth BEFORE they are able to jump ship.

It is to be hoped that David Moyes and his back room staff can instil a sense of belief and commitment in to a bunch of overpaid and under performing prima donna's, a category in which Andriy Yarmolenko definitely belongs. - Ed



Bit harsh on Yarma.

His injuries are again solely the clubs fault. He came back from internationals and Ukraine specifically said he has a problem dont play him. 30 mins in vs man u, bang, out for the season.

Our medical team, physios, doctors etc are the worst in the premier league. Our teams are ALWAYS unfit, mis-diagnosed, random schedules for returns. Players with a knock out for months etc.

We haven't helped ourselves with the signing of wheelchair, Carroll, Antonio, Fredrricks etc who are always injured. But most of the time it is our staffs fault.

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No idea why you would want to pick on Yarma, no better or worse that the others taking the big salaries and masquerading as footballers!

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at least when he has played he has produced. more than you can say for Wheelchair.

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And I've never seen Yarmo hide in a washing machine

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Though,why no one else touched the likes of yarmo, wheelchair etc & I do agree at least yarmo produced when fit! But unfortunately a lot of our signings have been Ferrari's with lada engines!!

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