Lampard Sacking

Delighted to see the Fat One fall flat on his anus bearing in mind I think its as ridiculous a decision as it was by Chelsea to appoint him in the first place. On a positive note for us Hammers fans, one would presume that Declan Rice will be in no hurry to go there now>

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Well for once i agree with you deluded, I'll never forget the headlines on the back pages of the red tops when his uncle and dad were sacked from west ham " ill never play for west ham again ,WHAA ,WHAA WHAA"
whats it feel like fat Frank to be shit on ?

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Some thing tells me ol Frank is not on your Christmas Card List Burkie :o)

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Your not wronge Dartford

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Toyah on it?:-)

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On yours Mac!!Every vid shes doing now shes getting her thrupennys out,not that I'm watching all the time.;)

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I think he should have been given more he could have taken them into the bottom half of the table and given us more to laught at!

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