Know not us this lot...enjoy

Bunch of Wankers.

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As usual in defeat, total C*nts

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Have to admit I look forward to the opposition view each week after we've won and never more so than against the spuds. Quite a few of em this time around though admitted they're shit, which they are

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At the 99p hair gel comment though,I havnt got enough hair for gel!!

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there 65 lol

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Interesting comment about the empty stadium and our best season not being a coincidence. Are we as fans a tad too harsh in our criticism of our own team at times?

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It is not just West Ham fans under the spotlight, look at Villa and the like and how they have performed without fans.

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Delusional f***wits that annoy the hell out of me. The wonderful fanbase we have is on another level, apart from a small minority, and we have originality and proper old school banta that they will never possess. Still think back to the best present my son Ollie received for his 16th, tickets to Spurs away in their beautiful new stadium. I have a video at the final whistle of Ollie standing on his seat looking at the Spuds venting their anger down to us, and his response consisted of a big 'aghhhhh' in voice and a flowing movement of the hand and wrist in the air towards the waste of space above us.

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