Its only a flesh wound

Tomas Soucek take a bow son for showing the divers and those that scream and yell like they have been shot what a real man is.......we love a hero and this man is fast becoming a legend...true grit a never say die attitude and skill thrown in and when Roy Keane says he admires you well high praise indeed from that man who likes to voice his opinion!....Ludo has his song how long before we give Soucek his own one i will leave that to those who are better at such things but what a player this man is have we found our new Terminator!

Well said Mac,arsholes like Grealish and Mitrovic and the rest,how they bring our wonderful game down,but Soucec does deserve his own song,and a Billy Bonds Badge of Honour,footballs answer to the Victoria Cross.

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His name is Tomas Soucek he wears a magic hat and if you throw a brick at him he'll head the Fuc**r the tune of my old mans a dustman...look it up Hammergirl!

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