Europe Hope Up In Smoke?

We had a bad, bad feeling at The Org ahead of the crucial game against Everton, and unfortunately those thoughts came to pass. The team selected to play against the Toffees was the same one that had just dismantled Burnley, so there couldn't be many who would have doubted the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it philosophy ahead of the game.

But for the want should be remembered this was as close to a full strength team as Hammers meagre squad could provide, albeit without the services of one of the best defenders on the planet! Not only that, a team devoid of a defender capable of bringing the ball out of the back with intelligence and aplomb, in the form of Masuaku.

The absence of Rice in particular has had a collateral effect on the team, without him in midfield Tomas Soucek is unable to make the probing runs from midfield that had become his trademark, covering for Rice's absence has virtually nullified his goal scoring opportunities.

Both Rice and Masuaku were key components in the team that ripped others apart during Hammers early 'golden years' part of the season, never the less, the visitors out thought and out fought Moyes's team, and as a result realistic hopes of obtaining a Champions League place have all but vaporised, just like our dreams, how prophetic?

There is no point in indulging in the blame game, the club have come up short when the business end of the season arrived, the players did put in a shift today, maybe not up to the high levels that they attained in the past, and possibly had it not been for the width of the woodwork, and a Said Benrahma effort not quite hitting the target things might have been different.

The next 'target' is to get in to the Europa League at the 'top table', as opposed to having to play endless qualifying games, a scenario that Hammers' squad, despite any summer reinforcements would find hard to navigate. - Ed



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I know where the blame sits. Firmly and squarely on the shoulders of our incompetent owners!

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Of this board,but this is their 1 & only chance of showing ambition & fulfilling their 'promise' to the fans

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It was always going to hit us at some point and it hit us right at the moment of the season that we could ill afford it......Champions league a nice dream but we would not be able to compete even with four five more players.....we have had an amazing season considering how we all thought it was going to be so lets build on this and let Moyes continue to build a team/squad that can compete year in year out no more Marquis signings just players that will play good football and work hard for the team not there own selfish interests.

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It comes to something, when Benny gets taken off in favour of Yarmolenko. Benny was dreadful but he was not alone. Lingard finally showed his true colours, constantly chucking his toys out of the pram when not passed to.

Only Coufal and Fornals can hold their heads up this morning, everybody else was toilet.

Just putting it down to a bad day at the office. But the capitulating signs are there. Hurry up back Dec we need you!!!

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I dont think you are giving any credit to Everton and Carlo. They did a number on Bugeyes, yesterday he got it wrong. I've never seen such a wall of a defense, the two players you criticize thrive on open play and the Everton tactic was to play deep in the last quarter and hit us on the bounce. Everton would have been satisfied with 0-0 and zero attacks. To break down this type of 11 behind the ball is very difficult and frustrating even to the likes of Man City!

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We hardly " dismantled" Burnley. In fact the writing was on the wall in that game.

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