The Southampton Ballot

I have two season tickets and received the expected news that I wasn't lucky in the ballot for tickets for the last game of the season. I am really disappointed, loved to have been there even with a reduced gate, a few beers with bruv and mates, Honest Burger on the way home celebrating a win and Champions League football next season... Ok, maybe not the last point :o)

Just wondering, does anyone on The Org know anyone with a ticket? It looks like a Corporate Ticket stitch up and probably heading for the Popcorn munching Tour Operators (65 will love that :o) )

I have a few pals with tickets ranging from the cheap to the over priced Club London's and none were "Lucky".

Would love to hear of a genuine fan getting a ticket, the cynic in me says there wont be many!!

Is it right that the gate will be 10,000? Like you say mate it will probably be the chosen the corporate prawn sandwich brigade

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I got a text and email saying i wasnt successful at being chosen for this game,but hope to see you at the London Stadium very soon,i didnt get chose for the other game either,you boys may be right it could be a corporate thing.

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Sorry to hear that, we will have that beer one day at the Heineken Bar one day soon!

I have seen on Facebook a genuine supporter get a ticket but still expect it to be busy with Prawn Sarnies as said by 65!

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There is no governance in place for the 'ballot', which is why I can get entry via the 'press' office for me plus one! I have a season ticket, as do my sons, but we were not offered tickets via the ballot, and yet i can get a plus one on the press junket!

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About right Nev

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Still a certain player would not be there so i'd be missing nothing! lol

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played golf with a mate who has bought a box a few times over the years, also got in to see Billy Bonds when they named part of the London stadium after him and yep he got a ticket as did his son as we were playing. I have been a season ticket holder for years as has my son and we got zilch. Prawn Sarnies brigade and anyone who is money to them in the future seems to have got a ticket.

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