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Big Dec (The Animal)..

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Submitted by boogerscaravan on Wed, 30/06/2021 - 12:16

Raheem Sterling described Declan Rice as "The Animal" in the England midfield last night alongside Kalvin Phillips. Big Dec covered himself in glory last night against Ze Germans. He really is a machine now for both club and country. What a performance, what a leader!!

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Seeing the story about Rice turning down two new contract offers from the club and his Dad(agent)wants to be made aware if any bids around the £60million mark are received you have to think here we go again its summer manure/citeh have other targets this summer chelski want Haaland so whilst i do not see any deal for Rice happening this summer i think next summer will be when to worry,yes i know he has a 4 year deal currently but at the end of the day all that does is add to a players price.

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I cant imagine what difference it makes if his dad wants to be informed of offers of 60 mill or more whats it got to do with him .8

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Apparently his old man is his agent! We had a problem like this before when a certain Austrian has his brother as his agent! As many have said .... LOYALTY!

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Hopefully Dec sees his name up in lights at the BOM- Not in the post Euro fantasy Island zone....

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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If Rice leaves cos the cheapskate owners won't pay his worth, the BOM is gonna look more like an apocalyptic warzone

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I dont think its got anything to do with what ever their prepared to offer him ,im a little afraid all the talk about him might have swelled his head ,he now realizes exacly what hes worth ,he wants to be at a club thats goin to win things and if that means joining his best pal at the bridge then thats what he'll do ,history will always repeat itself re transfers of our bright and best ,Coal, Carrick, Ferdinand ,even our 3 times winner of hammer of the year went off to join the scum .

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