Media Disrespect Irons Over Bowen 'Transfer'

Perhaps it is the current heatwave that is making Hammers fans' blood boil, or the lack of any signings, or perhaps the disrespect the media have shown to the club with their 'coverage' of Liverpool's interest in signing Jarrod bowen. They need to be reminded that despite it's owners, West Ham are a club moving forwards, thanks to their manager David Moyes.

So the contemptuous coverage of Liverpool's interest in Bowen shows astonishing disrespect, their inference being that if a club like Liverpool comes calling, Hammers players would down tools and jump at the chance of moving to Anfield. That may have been the case back in the Yossi Beneayoun era, but not now!

There is even talk that Liverpool would graciously allow the Irons to take Xherdan Shaqiri in exchange for the winger who scored ten goals last time out in the Barclays Premier League, what a load of tosh! Shaqiri is the polar opposite of a Moyes type of player, the Swiss International shone at the Euros but definitely falls into the 'talented but lazy' category of club football.

Hammers wafer thin squad urgently needs strengthening, letting Jarrod Bowen go would be suicidal and something David Moyes would not countenance, unless of course Liverpool offer in the region of £50-60 Million, which is highly unlikely, so hopefully these disrespectful rumours will disappear from whence they came. -Ed



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