who is telling porkies?

Times journalist Henry Winter and Daily Mail journalist Mike Keegan have both published a statement reported to be from Philip Beard who was linked to a Wets Ham takeover attempt in February.

Winter says “Philip Beard of Pai Capital on his consortium’s bid for West Ham…says “David Sullivan was provided with a proof of funds” and consortium remains “committed to pursuing opportunities to purchase the club”. Keegan adds “Response from Philip Beard and the consortium trying to buy West Ham to David Sullivan’s odd statement after Daily Mail story last week that a bid had been turned down from the club. Say proof of funds was provided and asking price was met.”

The statement alleged to originate from Philip Beard reads “It is not my intention to engage in a public debate on the comments made by David Sullivan last week, but upon advice, it is necessary to correct unhelpful and inaccurate statements.

The current owners of West Ham United made a controversial commercial decision to move the club from its historic home at Upton Park to the London Stadium in Stratford. In my assessment, ad that of the consortium that I represent, that is move is not fulfiling the needs of the club, its loyal fanbase or the local community. There is a lot that can and should b done to improve the experience for all fans and visitors to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. There is also a duty which we all share to the British taxpayer and to our Olympic legacy as Londerers – and ours is a London-based consortium.

In response to the David Sullivan comments about the nature and value of the bid put forward by the consortium, I can confirm that a formal bid was made which in fact the figure David Sullivan had initially asked for. Our City lawyers were instructed and David Sullivan was provided with a proof of funds.

We remain committed to pursuing opportunities to purchase the club, the London Stadium, and its place within the Olympic Park as a whole. It is backed by prominent personalities in sport, as well as West Ham legends who love the club and want to play a role in its development. We wholeheartedly welcome their support and hope that we will, together have the oppotunity to deliver the project that we have planned.

This is a once in a lifetime oppotunity to build West Ham United into a Londerers’ club of global importance, as a key part of the broader legacy being delivered at Queen Elizabeth park. The fans of London deserve this.

Philip Beard


Pai Capital”

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yeah i copied and pasted it from that frightfull site so real West Ham fans can read and ponder.

Not once but twice...

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All this talk is doing is prolonging the inevitable case for Odious Little Spiv Dwarf and Gold to use this as an excuse for not actually signing anyone. We're now 3 weeks away from the beginning of a tumultuous season, which by our usual standards could go either way. Millions of players (it feels like) have been linked with us but as per usual the Board have remained quiet. Till the eve of the window closing, then it'll be 'We tried to get' or 'We just run out of time'.
Or another excuse could now be used 'The upheaval of a bid' we need clarity on how much we can spend, who is coming in for a Europa League campaign. Sort this Bidding Shit Out after the window has closed then the supposed consortium would have grounds to ask the Odious Little Spiv Dwarf to Sell Up.

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Fans constantly bang on about the dwarf and his grandpa letting every other club in the world know our transfer kitty and desperation at the start of every window, where as so far this year the purported 25-80 mill seems more likely to be in pence considering we've signed a goalkeeper (on loan) so far and no real targets considering the number mentioned by every "media" outlet under the sun. Maybe we are so broke that they can't fix it in which case they need to do one.

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