Is Tony Fernandes Lurking Behind PAI Capital's Bid?

In case Hammers fans have forgotten, just around the time the 'biscuit barons' from Iceland took over the club with promises that were impossible to fulfil, there was another buyer eager to negotiate for the club in addition to the MSI consortium that Kia Joorabchian represented.

That other party was Tony Fernandes, a life long Hammers fan. In the end Terence Brown took the biggest offer on the table and accepted the Icelandic's generous deal, much to the chagrin of Joorabchian who promptly 'grassed' the club up to the relevant authorities in order to extricate Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano who he had 'placed' with the club in order to get HIS deal over the line.

It is still very puzzling how Tevez was able to be sold to Manchester United without sanction, whereas Hammers were fined an initial £5 Million for registering a player with dual ownership, and then to rub salt in the wounds, ordered to pay Sheffield United £24 Million in 'compensation' because the Blades were so blunt they got relegated!

Anyway, we digress, Tony Fernandes DID have the money to buy West Ham and invest in the club for the future, but he was unable to match the offer Eggert Magnusson's 'mob' made after having carried out his correct due diligence and realisd the Icelandic's figures didn't add up, and so it proved to be.

While Fernandes was busy acquiring Caterham Cars and pursuing other business interests, the Icelandic's went bust and Messrs Gold & Sullivan rode in on their (sic) 'silver stallions' to rescue the club for a bargain basement price when it was on it's knees.

Being a fan, Fernandes was involved in talks regarding a potential takeover of the club in May 2011, at which stage it looked as if he was going to acquire a 51 per cent stake in the club. Former West Ham chairman Andrew Bernhardt even flew to Kuala Lumpur to try and finalise the deal, but the two parties failed to agree on the price. One month later when Fernandes made another offer to buy 51 per cent of the club, unsurprisingly Sullivan and Gold rejected his bid. Sullivan told the Evening Standard: "He wanted 51% of the club for two bob." Now does that sound familiar?

Sullivan's comments started a war of words on Twitter. "It was a good offer with good money and brought in good people," said Fernandes. "Gold and Sullivan can say whatever they want. I have been a lifelong fan and would have brought good money, good ideas, new people and a new belief. As for PR stunts. Wow. They are always in the press making huge claims. Were we not supposed to be in Europe. Now we have been relegated. Two sacked managers. All good players will be sold. No new training ground which is the most important ingredient I feel. Look at how many injuries we have. And more investment into the academy."

Three months later, fed up with kicking his heels, Fernandes did the next best thing any pissed off Billionaire would do and bought QPR instead, a club he and his incredibly rich partner invested massively in, well they would do wouldn't they? After all, they had Harry Redknapp, well known emptier of transfer kitty's, as one of their chosen managers.

Fast forward to the present day, and according to City tittle tattle, that is the City of London financial institutes gossip, as opposed to the country that owns Man city's chit chat, Tony Fernandes has more than a keen interest in the PAI purported take over. It is quite possible that he could be one of several parties involved behind the scenes, as companies like PAI are essentially 'firms that front' for their investors who can remain anonymous should they wish.

PAI's bid is being led by an ex-QPR top man Philip Beard, we might be adding up 2+2 and getting 5, but the group's reluctance to give up their take over attempt makes us think that Tony Fernandes is involved somehow or somewhere, after all, he does have some 'afters' to settle with the 'twins'. - Ed



Soon as I read Philip beard had an interest in buying & had qpr connections I instantly thought of Tony Fernandes

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It makes sense that Tony Fernandes is probably one of the investors behind the PAI Capital bid fronted by Mr Beard.
But what I feel should worry some of the supporters who seem desperate to back this bid and which leaves me with an uneasy feeling in my stomach, is the outstanding job that Tony Fernandes did at QPR (with Beard at the helm)....a club that is still fighting to get back to where they once were.
With all of Tony Fernandes' talk regarding investment, innovation and good people, we saw the demise of QPR first-hand. If Ever there was a time NOT to invest heavily in a football club, it is probably now and I simply can't see the levels of investment, expected by many supporters to be ploughed into the club by any one person or group of investors.
To untangle the super entwined mess that West Ham currently co-exist alongside and to come out with a purpose-built stadium owned by West Ham with first-class facilities for starters is going to take Chelski and Citeh money combined.

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Tony Fernandes wanted us without a doubt,and would not be surprised if he is behind it.

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