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£100 million+ how can a club like us or as we see Villa and looks like the spuds as well how can you turn that money down for just one player? simply put you cannot and the reality is if one of the truly big clubs here or in europe want one of your players then you are powerless to stop them going if they want to.

Grealish to citeh now a certainty and as much as Villa fans may moan it is a fact of life and one we West Ham fans no is the same we will face next summer because i am certain that Rice will go and for the same money if not more the way he is progressing.

Why do they have to leave some ask but lets face it the players Grealish/Kane/Rice are playing with at the moment are good decent premier league players but when it comes to clubs like Citeh/Chelski/Munich/Barca/Madrid/PSG you are getting to the highest and elitest players in world football not just one or two but every player and who would not want to play and train with players and coaches who will make you an even better player than you are now.

What we as a club and as fans have to come to understand is that in Rice we have a phenominal player who is coming into his own more and more and after his performances at the Euros we are doing well to keep him this season IMO.

Now as Villa are facing upto life without Grealish there fans have to understand players like him and Rice do not get replaced you cannot do it and you must not obsess about getting the new Rice/Grealish in you have to be realistic as Clubs like ours and Villa are lucky to have such a player and they standout simply because they are that good and as such when they go you realise just how lucky that we have been to of had such a calibre of player playing for you.

Gareth Bale had to move back in the day he was as mentioned above(Rice/Grealish) just head and shoulders above the players he was currently playing with and it was no surprise that Madrid got him because like i have said if one of the elite want your player then you are powerless to stop it from happening....spuds squandered the money they had to appease fans Villa and eventually us will have to make sure that we do not fall into that trap and be held to ransom by others when we come calling for a lower clubs best player.

So enjoy Declans performances this season and unless we somehow managed to qualify for the champions league next season then it will be his last year in a West Ham shirt it will be sad to see such a fine young player go but at money of over £100 million+ you just cannot turn it down.

Rice hasn't gone already! I mean look at " he's one of our own" Harry Kane!! That's loyalty for you...

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Believe it or not i think has earned the right for such a move..he has given the spuds more than enough time to get quality in and help him achieve the trophies that he wants but nope spuds gotta pay for there all singing and dancing stadium so player aquisitions are secondary to the fiscal duties of the owners.

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Im surprised also we still have Declan,but feel Levy is hanging on to Kane,as without him up front spuds are not the same team,as they dont have a replacement.

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i agree Essex. Im surprised we will still get another season with him. I will enjoy this season and wish him all the best in his career. I naturally hope he doesn't join another Prem club and moves abroad. 100M in the hands of Moyes would be a good thing however, we all know that the unholy trinity will have other ideas :o(

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100mill in Sullivans hands hey,you wouldnt see it spent in the right area,but if not this season,big chance it will be next,then we will know Dartford.

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I agree about Kane, he is the model professional, he's given everything to those spud u likes and deserves to win something at Citeh....

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