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Ex Irons Clash Over Rice Transfer Advice

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 17/10/2021 - 10:33

Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand came through the ranks at West Ham before earning what was a record transfer for a defender when he moved from the club to Leeds United in an £18 Million transfer, he later moved on to Old Trafford for £30 Million. Under Alex Ferguson Fredinand became a top player, with some suggesting he was the best player in his position in all of Europe.

Since retiring Ferdinand has carved out a successful media career and is never short of giving advice to anyone who wants to listen, he has had to overcome personal tragedy during the journey and is to be recommended for how he has coped with life's travails. However, when it comes to loyalty his colours are truly nailed to the mast, and those colours are blatantly Red and White, not Claret & Blue!

Having backed the failed PAI(N) bid to take over West Ham, Ferdinand has reverted to type by constantly insisting that Declan Rice should move to Old Trafford if he wants his career to progress. As can be imagined, his stance has gone down like a lead balloon with Hammers fans who see his constant sniping as offensive and ungrateful.

So it comes as somewhat of a surprise that another ex-Hammer, Jack Wilshere, has advised Declan Rice NOT to leave the club in the foreseeable future. Wilshere will be remembered as the 'player who never was' at West Ham, some of his parting comments were disrespectful and inaccurate, but his comments about Rice's future are right on the button.

“I’ve always said - and I’ve said this to Dec too - why would he leave West Ham now?” he told talkSPORT . “He’s the captain, he’s the main man, and he’s playing week-in week-out in the Premier League. They are going in a good direction. There will probably come a time when he will want to leave and win a Title and play in the Champions League, maybe West Ham will play in the Champions League, but I don’t think they’ll win the title. But, for now, he’s doing well, and he’s playing week-in week-out.”

Conflicting advice from two ex-England Internationals who both wore the Claret & Blue, both players owe the club in different ways, but only one is constantly seeking to disrupt the club. That player is NOT Jack Wilshere! - Ed



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I've given Jack a fair bit of stick regarding the comments that he made shortly after leaving us. It is fair to say that whilst his comments were barbed, they were probably borne out of his frustration that his playing time at the top level was over.
Jack's advice to Declan (despite me being a West Ham supporter) was Solid Common-Sense advice that rings true on every level. Once again "The Grass ISN'T always Greener!"... Not to mention the performance microscope that he will be under when he eventually moves on. I think it is fair to say, he will never enjoy his football in the same way again. Words that Declan would be smart to take heed of.
Ferdinand on the other hand has even more right to share the same point of view regarding where Declan's interests are best served in the short to medium term. But NO... Rio talks like a man who has zero connections with this club, not even bothering to be diplomatic as a former "Academy Graduate", on the club that gave him his start in the game. His views on Declan, lack Class and Gratitude which mark him out as an egomaniac whose opinions are meaningless and throwaway to me.

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That surrounded MU has died. They are living on past glories and why on earth would Declan leave to a club that has no consistency in managers. I'm not a Moyes fan, but it would seem here is here for the long term. Like Alan Curbishley at Charlton Athletic.

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