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Tottingham's 'Pack' To Avoid Censure?

Submitted by louishammer on Mon, 25/10/2021 - 19:15

The frustration at their team's shortcomings boiled over during Tottingham's game against West Ham at the London Dome, all of this being most apparent when their fans tried to go on a rampage even before they were beaten. There has been plenty of media coverage showing the incident, one that was probably perpetrated by the 'fans' we mentioned in our previous article, most of which were pissed, or well on their way!

What we would like to ask is what would have happened if Hammers fans had done the same thing at Tottingham's ground? The fact that THEY are allowed to chant "yid army" but no one else can even use the term Yid is ludicrous, those same sensitive souls who claim using the word against them during matches are totally happy singing it themselves.

The fact that the 'chanting army' were singing songs referencing Hammers as Pikeys, which apart from being inaccurate is also considered to be racist although that also defies logic, shows the dual standards applied in adjudicating such matters. The Stewards are there to ensure the safety of spectators, NOT to be a de facto security force assembled to take on drunken yobs, it is not in their work remit, such fans should have been refused entry in similar way as airlines and even pubs do!

As an illustration of just how disinclined people are to accept their club contains more than it's fair share of bad apples, below is how a Tottingham site viewed the confrontation, they must go to the same optician as their manager!

Spurs Web Opinion

"It’s quite silly that it comes to this during encounters between both sides, but it’s inevitable that it will happen regardless. Even though there were stewards present it looked like they were caught heavily off guard in allowing this to happen."

Yeah right, blame the stewards rather than the morons who bring shame on your club by not questioning what they were doing in the first place, because strangely enough we thought they were supposed to be attending a football match. - Ed



But unfortunately it's barmy britain 2021! As you say nev it's criminal to call someone a yid but the scum call themselves the yid army! You would think they could come up with something better than pikeys,but that's their lack of intelligence

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I often relate back to the old days of the late 70's early 80's and say how we've all moved on. But at least you could say what you like and kick 10 bells out of each other. Nobody really gave a shit...

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