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Listening to so called experts

Submitted by alby foreverirons on Sun, 05/12/2021 - 03:25

Watching the game at 11.30 last night here in Aus you have to put up with the experts losing their load about the likes of Chelsea, pool and Man city, last night was a clear example. Chelsea’s first goal they where saying that they where out playing us then when we got the penalty and Lanzini scored they where a bit on the quiet side but the goal by Mounte fair dinkum I thought they where looking for a motel room. Then they started carrying on about how the top three teams where we by far better than any other team due to the quality players they have. They admitted that West Ham where playing well and deserved to be up there but that we weren’t in the same league. The value of our team is probably only a quarter of the big six but in the last season and this one it goes to prove that price is not always a true indication of how good a team is, so far we have Beaten the top three teams and I read that apart from Arsenal who we play in 11 days we have beat the so called big six super league claimants.
So when will this club get the recognition that we may have a cheaper lot of players but when you have a team led by Mr West Ham Mark Noble, the brilliant on field Captain Declan Rice and managed by the Flying Scotsman David Moyes that has built a team of players that love and want to play good football. Watching the look on the players faces after the final whistle and seeing Soucek in with the fans just reinforces why I love West Ham.We deserve to be where we are and long may it continue because we are massive.

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We deserve to be there, will we maintain it? No idea, just enjoying the ride and looking up rather than down! COYMI's!!!!

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Look at yesterday mate mine says it was like watching Chelski tv with all it was about was chelski winning this winning that etc then a oh yeah West Ham not bad this season! i could not care what they think really i just love it when there predictions go wrong and they are hurriedly trying to make something up about how great we were etc pfff no time specially for Rio he has become a total knob.....Roy Keane is the man he tells it how it is and watch others squirm when he says what fans see and no.

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Bit worrying, there seems to be an element of beat the big boys- but tone it down against the also rans creeping in .

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I was thinking the same Burkie.
The next big game is Arsenal and it’s “only” Burnley in between, is an attitude that can bite us. We have dropped enough points to the lower teams, we need to make sure of the next three points before even thinking about the Gooners.

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The best in the world,Wolves,Palace,Burnley,villa,Brighton etc...and even the likes of Watford,leeds, Newcastle these teams are no walk overs

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A lot of it is psychological, we get so wound up about beating the bin dippers,Chelsky and the Scum they become our cup finals, thus the extra effort, Burnley on Sunday will take some beating

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