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Moyes needs to do an Allardyce

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sun, 05/12/2021 - 11:23

Thought that headline would catch your attention lol but i am talking about this Thursday the games a dead rubber so Moyes needs to wheel out some of the academy players that are getting good reviews...we all rmbr what that P***k did against Forest in the cup filling the team with youth players then having a pop at us saying we had asked for that what an Arrogant knob he was....but this time it makes sense already qualified two tough away games in quick succession in the league coming up so i hope Moyes and i am sure he will will see sense and not risk key players for what is a nothing game as a fan we understand that dont we?

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I dont see that happening Mac, I think Moyes is in a much higher bracket than Allardyce could ever dream. Moyes will pick a B team made up of two thirds experienced pro's with a few cameo appearances for the youngsters. Lets see and lets just enjoy knowing we are through what ever happens! COYMI's!!!!

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