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Diop in demand

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Submitted by hammergirl on Wed, 29/12/2021 - 14:27

Sadly He has not kicked on from his first season with us so could/Would Moyes do a deal if AC Milan/Newcastle really do come in for him? yes i know we have no centrebacks to cover other than the youth but if offered £30million would you be tempted with that cash i reckon Moyes would hit up Burnley for Tarkowski or Mee or maybe Dickie from QPHaa,

Sam Billings at Bournemouth is a player i would like us to sign he is everything Moyes wants in midfield big strong got a good engine on him can push Soucek/Rice for a place and also can play in centre of defence surely worth a look?

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he has his moments, sometimes very good and sometimes poor, I like Dawson but think Diop would benefit more playing alongside either Zouma or Oggie but of course both injured. We certainly cannot afford to let him go without a good replacement. Deep down I feel he thinks too much instead of playing his natural game. We know what he can do and if he shows consistency we would be mad to let him go but if not then as you said a Tarkowski or Mee who are Dawsonesque would fit the bill nicely.

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is all about, the bastard didn’t want to come to us when we where nearly relegated and from the games I have seen him play he is shit. Played in a team that got relegated with a woeful defence but everyone is clambering for him. Not in my book worth five million but last season they wanted thirty to forty million, no thanks.

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Tarkoski and Mee are both, as you say, Dawsonesque. We already have one Craig Dawson, and he’s great, but two of him would be foolish. It’s like, Antonio is great let’s get another like him. No thanks. We already have a big traditional centre forward we need a plan B. Someone who adds that something special, something we don’t already have.

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I may be well out of order but i think we owe Diop and Dawson a huge thank you ,they trie there best gfor the club ,they've come in for 2 of our first pick C B s ,they may not be the best defender's in the prem but they have dug in and entered into the new team spirit .
Lets face it what team could loose their entire back line and survive ?.

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Diop blows hot & cold for me,but like Burkie says they've come in & done a job...mas hasn't done too bad last couple of games,but he does give us nightmares when he's left back,we've all said it for years! But it's Westham,never too easy

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