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Irons Face 10 Point Algorithm

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Fri, 14/01/2022 - 16:49

For those who spend an unhealthy amount of time studying statistics, particularly those of West Ham United, which in itself can be unhealthy if you are a supporter, there are certain points gained and lost anomalies that on the face of it have no explanation.

For example Hammers can beat Chelsea, Liverpool AND Tottingham at the London Bowl and yet can lose to Brentford and Southampton at the same venue! However there IS an explanation, we are fortunate to have an Org member who is a financial and statistical analyst who is an expert at applying algorithms to sporting enterprises.

One of his findings is that Hammers 'plateau' every time the club reaches the 10 point mark in the season, early this season the club raced to 8 points, but then lost the Martin Atkinson driven game against Ronaldo United. The next plateau David Moyes's boys reached of near 20 points they were beaten by Wolves and City, which was followed by a bruising draw to Brighton.

As Hammers approached the magic 30 mark, the old Algo kicked in as the club lost the next two games in a row to The Gooners AND Southampton! After the 30 point marker was reached, Hammers put their noses to the grindstone culminating with the victories over Watford Palace AND Norwich.

So, the game against Leeds this Sunday afternoon, will be the ultimate test as to whether Hammers can overcome their 10 point Algorithmic voodoo. Another 3 points and at least the club will have passed the magic 40 point mark and be safe from relegation, Oh No we were forgetting the 2002/3 season when the team containing Paulo DiCanio, Joe Cole, Michael Carrick, Glen Johnson, Frank Lampard and Jermaine Defoe, defied AL logic by getting relegated on 42 points, the highest EVER for a relegated team!

Hopefully Hammers can navigate the 'frightening forties' this weekend against Leeds, but it will be a far trickier fixture than last week's FA Cup tie, as Leeds are finally getting SOME of their injured players back. A draw or a defeat will undo ALL of the good work of the last fortnight, it is these 'crunch' games that Hammers HAVE to win in order to maintain the club's push for Europe. - LN



nail biting time .Then again when isn't it being a hammer fan!!!!

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