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Is Moyes just a one trick pony?

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Tue, 12/04/2022 - 08:51

Plan A..4231..Plan B..4231....You get the general idea of my post now...know doubt you may of read some of my posts on other threads saying about how tough it is to watch us play right now...kick off sit deep and hope to hit the opposition on the has worked for a good while but now it is very stale the players have lost there spark and seem very lethargic in play and this has been going on for to long for my liking and there seems little in the way of change coming so has Moyes and his team hit a brickwall and have no idea/clue as to how to change things?

Football evolves and if you become predictable then you are dead in the water and that is us right now....does Moyes and his coaches have no faith in the players to try something different because he has been flogging a dead horse for months now and i do not believe that just because we played on a thursday we cannot play on a sunday...the spuds game aside where the extra time clearly got to the players legs but even then there was no spark no kind of stubborn resistance from the players just nothing....and this Sunday my God in possibly the worst performance of the season just what was Moyes thinking? he surely could of started Kral/Vlasic/Diop even Noble and given some of our side a rest but know he just keeps hitting his head against a brickwall.

For all the plaudits Moyes has rightly received for we the fans and the media he has to accept and do something about changing the teams mentality especially at home and stop giving the oppostion the initiative from the start.

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I don't see much difference in our set up to those he did at Everton or Man Utd. He never has been one to give kids a real chance ( I believe Johnson has been forced on him, not through preferential choice) so I'm inclined to agree that he is a one trick pony. And a pretty boring trick too.

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Yep... One trick pony with results... just wish we still had El Pel and be playing in the Chumps League Im hating this european run and being in the top half

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but its all about the debate....and jeeez 3 games from playing in the Champions league who could ever of imagined that.

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