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Roll Up Roll Up Prem Fix At 9 AM

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 16/06/2022 - 07:02

The 'old' season has barely finished and yet next season's Premier League fixtures are due to be announced at 09:00 Hrs today Thursday the 16th of June. The season will begin a week earlier than normal on the weekend of Saturday the 6th of August 2022 and finish a week later on the 28th of May 2023.

There will be no games between the 13th of November and the 26th of December because of the ill timed World Cup being held in Qatar. Physios will be having nightmares whereas agents will be buying private plane shares no more as they see their income prospects grow ever closer.
We'll have the list of Hammers games here, as will many other outlets. Who are the first team you look out for now as opponents? There has been a seismic shift in the 'old order' that means games against Manchester's 2nd club for example are only pencilled in the diary as fixtures whereby revenge for poor outcomes must be taken.

At the end of the day it is the games against local rivals Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottingham as well as games against the newly promoted teams that people will look for, how refreshing it will be to see Nottingham Forest back in the big time, it is where they and their fans deserve to be.

Fulham and Bournemouth are going to struggle but have benefited from parachute payments that have helped their early return to the Premier League, it is just that the gulf in class of players will be even more extreme as the cream of European football eye the riches on offer to players who are NOT Galacticas but can still be seen as Marquee signings and without the types of ludicrous contracts that have all but destroyed clubs like Barcelona.

The light might be on well into the transfer window before fans get to see which West Ham will take to the pitch next season, unfortunately it seems that the manager will have very little time to integrate the new players he DOES manage to sign, this is because the club will have to wait in line while the wealthier ones take their pick, but it should be remembered that West Ham are among the 30 top clubs in World Football according to economists!

Having the money is one thing, using it properly is challenging, but not using it at all is foolish. -Ed



Its an interesting time for this club,Moyes taking a firm grip,two good seasons,great run in Europe.We are now at the stage we need to keep that going,with the transfer window now open we need to strengthen to keep at this level and to move up to the next,but this must be done wisely,and in an area this club hasnt been in for many years,if we get to the start of the season and no striker has been got,which is our main area of need,with a quality one at that,this will not be good enough,and will prove,the heirarchy dont have the scope,or have run out of steam,because i fail to see there isnt any money as we dont really spend any.This club needs to show the world we mean business,or we wont attract anyone of any quality.

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The thing is mate,i know its early on in the transfers,but im not convinced any good is going to happen,Lingard on a free would help,but have the feeling even that is a long shot.

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I don't think he's keen to join us and will probably end up at Barcodes. Closer to Manchester. Hope Moyes has moved on already

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I think we are already behind the competition dye to the lack of activity in January. Can see Moyes & Co trying to wing it until the World Cup break.

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