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Did Irons Miss The Coach?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 18/09/2022 - 20:36

When West Ham take to the field against Wolves on The 1st of October following the International break, it will be the beginning of a staggering NINE game sequence during the month! After Wolves games come thick and fast both domestically and in Europe, with fixtures at home against Fulham, Anderlecht, Bournemouth and Silkeborg with the away fixtures against Anderlecht, Southampton, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Around one game every THREE DAYS for the entire month, really? What genius thought it would be OK for 'little ol' West 'am' to go through such a ridiculously punishing schedule? Oh of course, there is a fixture congestion because 'Messrs Clean' Blatter and Platini took a series of massive back handers to pass around in order to 'facilitate' the insanely timed World Cup 2022 in a location where they still regularly behead people!

There are 12 days left in September, plenty of time for a trigger happy board to pull the plug on what some perceive to be an underperforming manager. David Moyes and Rob Newman HAVE been backed substantially in the transfer market, but as the club is not really dining at the top table quite yet it was necessary to bring players in when the season had already begun, a situation made worse by the bringing forward the beginning of the season in order to accomodate The 'Mad' World Cup 2022.

Hammers manager David Moyes is notoriously cautious when it comes to integrating new players into his squads, however given the team's dreadfully poor start he HAS to find a way of speeding up the process! Going into the International break in the bottom three of the Premier League is obviously not an ideal situation, normally the manager would be able to double up training during 'the Lull', but such is the calibre of many players that few remain available for training as most are playing for their countries.

Hammers form began to fall off the cliff towards the end of last season, that loss of form has continued, at least domestically. There are some who are suggesting the coaching departures of both Alan Irvine and then Stuart Pearce are being felt deeply, it might explain the 'lack of energy' the players have exhibited thus far this season.

Whatever the reason, something needs fixing and it needs fixing NOW! The 'new' squad IS a definite upgrade on the old technically, but it doesn't currently have the speed and togetherness of the early part of last season. Moyes just has to get the new players to gel as quickly as possible.

It is highly unlikely that GKSB will dismiss David Moyes yet, especially as they have just backed him so handsomely in the market, BUT even the Board will have a 'time concentric' schedule with regards to the appointment of a new manager in case it should prove to be needed.



Soon if he doesn't change things,keep with his so called old guard & it will be the Spanish archer for him

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Best time to ring the management changes would be now as october will be critical. If he fails in october we go into world cup break and will then be in early stages of a relegation dog fight over christmas

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As I never wanted him in the first place. However, back then, there was a far better choice of people to choose from which isn't really the case. A big proportion of fans were shouting out for Eddie Howe at one point (not me), and look at how he is at Newcastle with his bottomless pit of money. Dunno about you people but imo opinion his signings have bemused me and not only that, his football is even worse than Moyes, the tactics against Liverpool in particular, excrutiatingly embarrassing.
So who WOULD we bring in. I, personally am amused at some suggestions for Tuchel ( a definite no from me). Another one is Pochettino, interesting choice but would he come?
The only realistic choice I see out there who I would happily embrace ( some of you wouldn't) is Rafa Benitez who as is well known, we almost had before Real Madrid butted in. By all means knock my choice down, but lets hear some better ones that are realistic

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He didnt stop whingeing about every decision against his side,Benitez a has been,terrible at Everton...I wouldn't mind Scott Parker,I reckon he would be a good fit for us & certainly would play our attacking players,I'm struggling after that!

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Was not sufficiently supported at Everton myself. As for Parker, I couldn't stand him as a player and seeing his antics at Bournemouth and Fulham as a manager I would deffo keep him as far away from our club as possible. There isn't much realistic choice out there at the moment although I'd be keeping a very close eye on Leicester City at the moment.

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I expect Moyes to eventually turn this around. Am sure that the Management will give him a bit more time until the end of October to start producing some more decent results. He is probably banking on Aguerd to strengthen the defence so that leaked goals are not a common occurrence against the Hammers. Pochettino is the only alternative choice at the moment. He may want to get one back at Spuds who made a howler by letting him go in favour of The Special One. Cannot understand why Tuchel was let go, but he definitely will expect to take over a Euro Champions League contender.

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