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Question for Nev

Submitted by Betty Swollox on Fri, 11/11/2022 - 12:50

Alright Nev? Hope you're all good? I just wanted to check on the criteria for joining this site. I've been coming on here I reckon for at least 15 years and it seems that there is an age restriction on posters joining the Org. I have a 17 year old son, born unfortunately for him into West Ham like myself, but I'm not sure he'd be allowed to join? Your Moderators on here seem to be belittling younger people as if their opinions don't matter, and I've lost count of the times I've seen this is an 'adult site'. Is it 18 or 21 and over? Also is it just age restrictive, or are one's political stances moderated too? If a woman joins does she automatically qualify for flirting with or is there a settling in process? What about religious or ethnicity backgrounds? How does one become a moderator? Is it just a case of follow the leader playground style or is there a process?

Follow the leader Betty! For an intelligent bloke you do tend to be a bit too serious at times mate,but all the best fella

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There is no age criteria for joining the Org, all are welcome, especially people under 18! We try to let things sort themselves out but occasionally things go awry. We have had a few health issues which have made running the site a bit more difficult. If you or ANYONE is having difficulty in registering, drop us an e-mail at and We guarantee the application will go straight through and will NOT be judged by any criteria other than a desire to be a Hammers supporter on the Org. No one has overall 'moderator' rights except the editorial team, although some of the old members might have some form of discretionary power that was put in place decades ago, as it has been over 22 years there is a distinct possibility that that might be the case. We have always tried to be fair but also try to let the site 'police' itself as much as possible, however if anyone feels that a member has overstepped the mark we will act to preserve a 'happy' balance....

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