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Zoo Has Op On Long Term Injury

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 24/11/2022 - 21:28

West Ham United have confirmed that Kurt Zouma has had surgery on the knee injury that has been troubling him for several seasons, the French defender will now continue his rehabilitation at Rush Green with the Club’s medical team. It was decided that the break for the Wash Cup was an ideal opportunity to fix Zouma's long term knee issue which he had coped with for years, but had started to impact on his match day performances.

"Everyone at West Ham United would like to wish Kurt a speedy recovery" is the message coming from the club and one that will be echoed by Hammers fans far and wide. Most top class players 'manage' some sort of long term injury, some revert to cortisone injections but they can lead to long term injuries later in life, IF an operation can do the trick then it is a far better option, but one that is rarely utilised giiven the time constraints of top flight football.- Ed



And anyone that hadn’t seen this coming from day one must be blind. Zouma has been at best uncomfortable in every game he has played and was often seen limping towards th end of games, especially limping off at the end. Moyse has turned a blind eye to an obvious problem and now here we are.

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Mike Owers

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Personally I'm not a fan of Zouma. Nothing to do with his off field feline bothering. I think he's overrated and the scum saw us coming rubbing their hands. Maybe when he recovers I'll reconsider my opinion based on performance. Until then jog on son (sorry forgot, he can't)...

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

In a long line of expensive duds we've signed.Always said it the dildos have money to burn,in what other line of business would you make so many disastrous expensive mistakes!

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West Ham have Ogbonna and Aguerd as fill ins for Zouma. Zouma has been quite solid at the back but the issue is that West Ham's centre backs have lacked that versatility that the Premier League demands. Hopefully Aguerd is back firing on all cylinders and if Ogbonna replace Dawson I have more faith in our defensive abilities. That is not the biggest issue, as it is the goals or lack of it it during this season!!

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