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Wolves Hungry For Two Hammers

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 13/01/2023 - 23:16

Wolves Hungry For Hammers

West Ham's next Premier League opponents Wolves, have been showing more than an unhealthy interest in Hammers defensive stalwart Craig 'Balon Dawson' and 'unhappy' striker Michail Antonio. Dawson's desire to return oop north is well documented and it is accepted he will be back where his family are from sooner rather than later.

Michail Antoinio's recent throwing of his toys out of the pram is a more recent development and the reasons behind his discontent are apparently multitudinous. It is hard to understand what Antonio's beef is. Does he resent another striker taking his place in the starting line up? If so he needs to take a look from the outside in to gain a better perspective.

Antoinio 'saw off' Sebastien Haller from the club, but that was then and this is now, a couple of years is a lifetime in football, especially for a player the wrong side of 30 years old. It is totally unrealistic of Antonio to expect to be starting every game when the club have splashed out big bucks on a younger and fitter player in the same position.

Antonio is on decent money at the club so perhaps the only reason he is seeking out is to pursue more game time, which is surprising given Hammers atrocious injury record, all big Mick has to do is bide his time and he will get plenty of opportunities to play.

Either way, both Antonio and Dawson will be able to show case their skills to their prospective new club if they are selected to play, you never now, David Moyes might just feel warranted to NOT include either player in his starting line up, we will see on Saturday afternoon! - Ed



Think Moyes has missed a trick here. Play Bowen up top with Scamacca. Move Antonio to the right. Sure his pace & bullish style would unsettle a few fullbacks & ghosting in at the far post could get him in amongst the goals.

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Big Mick needs to be taken from running down the centre,we have been found out with that one ages ago,opponents just smother him and take him out,we can see this,Moyes im afraid sticks with the same each game,these next two games could work to his fall.

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Cant afford to lose anyone at this stage we are in the shit big time. Even Doris the tea lady should get her boots out the cupboard just in case...........

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And can only think of two other players that have been f***ed about in so many different positions, namely, Bobby Howe and Paddy Holland, Used to call them utility players in those days but I feel a title that does not really fit Antonio. Best played out wide right he has been shunted as a makeshift make do in various positions which haven't always done him any favours. Its to his credit that he still has the ability to take two, sometimes three defenders with him and the failing of the rest of the team not to use the available space created has long been an issue for me.
However, he is getting on and to be honest, if he has a sell on value I think we should take it. Dawson, I believe was given a gentlemans handshake he could go in January and that should be honoured.

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