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Just listening to BBC transfer podcast

Submitted by alby foreverirons on Wed, 18/01/2023 - 01:53

about transfers. It seems Arsenal have made Deccers their main target trying to beat Chelsea, be interesting how Decs feels about that being a Chelsea fan would he be willing to go to their arch rivals. Also heard that Conner Gallagher, Zihich and another are targets of Newcastle. For me I think we could do some business here. Promise to sell Decs to them in the summer if they give us Zihich and Gallagher on loan then they can have Decs in the summer for both players and £40 million. We all know that he is going to go so why not use his sale to build up our team and I think both players will improve us. Just putting it out there to get other views.

I just read on the BBC that we are interested in signing Maguire from Man U. I thought we had stopped being a retirement home for has been’s and never was. Please tell me it’s a wind up.

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I don't think that's a bad shout! Had a very good WC..

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I think Maguire is a no brainer. He is also fit. Could step in and do Dawson's job. Had a great WC. Could make a difference.

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None of those players are interested in playing in the championship.

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The Rice/Chelsea connection has more to do with his dad being the Chelsea fan more than Decs, himself. He was kicked out of Chelsea at an early age so imo wouldn't really have any loyalties to them other than his mate Mason being there. Going to Chelsea would rather defeat his desires to win trophies as I think that club are imploding with the departure of Abromovitch so Arsenal would be the place to go, although I wouldn't rule out a move abroad. It's not about money as West Ham have already offered him an obscene contract which I doubt any other British club would top.
As for Zihich and Gallagher, I reckon we've got enough of their rejects so far.

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