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'Dino' Loses The Plot!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 12/03/2023 - 20:23

Picture it now, your team are at home to the League's biggest time wasters and worst 'simulators'. Despite you, your team is still in with a shout for three incredibly valuable points in their desperate scrap against relegation. 60,000 fans are cheering your team on for the closing stages of the game which is finely balanced, the match officials, particularly the linesman on the opposite flank to the dug outs are blind to the 'Villains' perpetual play acting and time wasting, but nevertheless there is is still a good chance of getting a result, so what do you do?

Even the most amateur of armchair pundits knew that this was an ideal opportunity for Dino to bring on his newly acquired £35 Million striker Gianluca Scamacca, the game AND THE CROWD WERE 'BEGGING FOR IT', however Moyes elected to bring on Maxwell Cornet INSTEAD of Scamacca! Moyes and Scamacca exchanged 'words' as Cornet, NOT Scamacca, took to the field. You don't need to be an Italian linguist to have a pretty good idea of what "Ba fungal!" means, Google it if you need!

Suffice to say Dino Moyes is well on course to destroying the young Italian striker who is so highly valued that it caused a public outcry when he was 'whisked off' to London during the summer. Why are we allowing one of our brightest prospects the chance of playing in England when he should be here in Italy entertaining us and developing as a player in our Domestic League they asked?

Well don't worry Italian fans, Gianluca will be back with you quicker than a Venetian Gondolier can fleece you of all your travel money! The look he gave Dino was one of anger and incredulity, the crowd thought exactly the same. The term stubborn bastard sprang to many people's minds, Moyes has reached a point of no return where his obstinacy and stubbornness might well relegate the club.

Too good to go down? Too bad to stay up might be the answer, under Moyes' 'guidance' the club is gone! Only an instant dismissal will alter the car crash that Hammers have become, even then it might be too late, God help us! - Ed



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Yet Jim White and rent a pundit at talkshite will all be backing him as the man who can save us yet none seem to understand that he is the reason we are there in the first place.

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Its the same with most media pundits ,you constantly hear " though there are a few west ham supporters who reckon Moyes isn't the one to save the club ,the vast majority are fully behind him " , looks like there's a lot more keeping him in a job besides the board .

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