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Morning after the night before

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 07:41

How are we all after that? i see Talksh**e in full Backing Moyes mode that fool Moose saying he cannot be replaced with so few games remaining and look at Chelski Leicester Spuds all sacked managers but got nobody in so Moyes is our best chance to stay up lol tongue buried in arse most assuredly there.

So how and why does he keep his job? simple really the owners will not lose any money if the club go down....parachute payments the certain sales of Rice Paquetta Bowen and clearly Scamacca will offset any losses and of course they will only have half the rent to pay in the chumpionship so business wise it makes sense.....

So be ready for a very different looking West Ham next season but dont worry Moyes will still be there so get in quick and renew those season tickets after all businesses need Customers not Fans!

Been any lower? Nope not in my lifetime.Sully the dreamer sleepwalking into the abyss! The planners dream goes wrong - by The Jam springs to mind

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Plenty of lower moments but let's face it, most of them have been since Sully took over, so until that japseye is gone they'll be plenty more!

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There's been lower moments, Roeder, Avram Grant. Even Curbishley although he didn't exactly take us down. Zola's tenure wasn't a bucket of laughs either. What makes me laugh is thatMoyes is doing nothing different right now since the last time he "saved" us from relegation and everyone called him the Moysiah!

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Finding it hard to laugh at the moment, the journey back home was miserable and devoid of hope, only anger at Moyes for still being there and the Board for keeping him! Hammers were really poor and Toon really good. At 2-0 to the visitors there was a break in play and Howe was ranting at his players for their mistakes! Should have got him when he was available!

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